Legendary Loot Rebalanced

Greetings, fellow Wastelander!

Have you ever wondered why for the sake of Nuke this pesky lvl 50++ Legendary Deathclaw you’ve just killed dropped this useless Lead Pipe or Leather Armor piece?

Have you ever wondered why there are so much melee weapon drops from legendaries in a gun-oriented game? (okie-dokie,I am aware of the fact how OP melee is at highter levels in Vanilla game)

Have you ever wondered why there are so much armor drops when you need the fire power RIGHT NOW?

Then this mod might be for you.

Personally I’ve made it while I was working on my another mod (sneaky-sneaky), answering exactly the same questions.

So, long story short, here what it does in numbers:

Chance to get weapon / armor
Vanilla – 50% / 50%
Modded – 66% / 33%

Chance to get gun / melee
Vanilla – 66% / 33%
Modded – 75% / 25%
Modded(Optional) – 25% / 75%

Loot rules:
First of all remember that level thresholds are determined based on monster level and not the player level.

Vanilla – you could get EVERY weapon/armor with level < monster level. Resulting in weird drops like pipe pistols from lvl 50+ enemies. Modded - you get level-apropriate loot every time. Actually you get loot from the pool closest to enemy level. Loot pools:

1-9 – Leather and Raider armor
10-19 – Metal Armor
20-29 – Combat Armor
30+ – Synth Armor


1-4 – Knuckles, Baton, Boxing Gloves, Lead Pipe, Rolling Pin, Switchblade, Iron Tire, Walking Cane
5-9 – PipeWrench, Board, Combat Knife, Machete, Pool Cue
10-14 – Baseball Bat
15-19 – Chinese Officer Sword, Revolutionary Sword, Sledgehammer
20-24 – Super Sledge, Powerfist
25+ – Ripper, Shishkebab, Deathclaw Gauntlet

1-4 – Laser Musket, Pipe Gun
5-9 – 10mm, Pipe Revolver
10-14 – Bolt Action Pipe Gun, Double Barrel Shotgun
15-19 – Hunting Rifle, Laser Gun, SMG
20-24 – Combat Shotgun, Flamer, Minigun, Missile Launcher
25-34 – Combat Rifle, .44, Fatman, Railway Rifle
35+ – Assault Rifle, Plasma Gun, Gamma Gun, Gatling Laser, Gauss Rifle


For now it should be compatible to any mod on FO4Nexus. (Obviously I’m a player myself, running custom setup of ~100+ mods, so I monitor new files on a daily basis and there was no mod on nexus yet touching same records)

More or less it will be incompatible with any mod that will alter same records:


Atleast without a merged/bashed patch.

FYI made with latest build of FO4Edit.

If you are happy with the changes this mod makes and enjoying the expirience with it overall – don’t forget to get back and endorse. Its not about my ego or something, its about providing the mod to wider public.
Sad story, but the majority of users will not read comments and descriptions to determine if they need the mod or not … they will just download most endorsed ones and move on to the next category. Personally, I got some jewels in my mod collection with awesome changes and low downloads. You know why? Endorsements.


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