Lootable Workbenches

Lootable Workbenches

Ever wondered why those randomly placed workbenches are always empty? If not, you won’t have to.

Lootable Workbenches adds:

Weapons, ammo and grenades to weapon benches

Armor and scrap items to armor benches

Chems and aid to chemistry stations

Food to cooking stations

The items added are generated from leveled lists already in the game files to keep things balanced. You won’t be finding Combat Shotguns at level 1 and can still find improved Leather Armor and Pipe Pistols at level 50. Made with FO4Edit. NMM install should probably work. I don’t use it, let me know.

NMM Compatible

Manual Installation:

Copy/move LootableWorkbenches.esp into your Fallout 4\Data directory
Navigate to and open your plugins.txt file located in %appdata%\local\Fallout4\
Add LootableWorkbenches.esp to the bottom of the file and save

This mod is most effective in a fresh game. Workbenches are slightly different from other containers in the world such as toolboxes and lockers because they are listed as furniture. Like containers though, if you’ve already loaded/visited a cell and caused the items there to populate, the workbenches will not have any items spawned in it. Workbenches found in cells/dungeons that repopulate after a certain amount of time should have loot spawned in them, haven’t tested it.


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