How to install Fallout 4

Installing Fallout 4

If you use Windows7 or Vista, it is highly recommended to install the game to another location than “Program Files” ( for example C: \ Games \ Fallout 4 ) to avoid problems with the security feature UAC.
Alternatively you could disable UAC, but this may lead to a less secure system, so be warned. For Steam versions there is hardly a way to customise the install dir. So you may need to go for the “disabling UAC” option – or install Steam to another location than “Program Files”
e.g. C:\Games\Steam\ ….

Install the latest official Patch
Install the latest official Patch which fits to your game version. Note, that Steam and GotY versions should already be up-to-date.

=> If you get the xlive.dll error at start, see solution here: Games for Windows Live fix.
Backup your “clean” Data folder before installing Mods.
It saves time if something went wrong – especially if you installed Fallout 4 via Steam.

– Defragment your Hard Drives frequently
– Clean your Windows with CCleaner

Reinstalling Fallout 4

Every time you reinstall Fallout, it is recommended to do it as clean as possible. A “normal” reinstall wont work in every case properly.

1. Backup save games and your ArchiveInvalidation.txt file if you use one
2. Uninstall Fallout4 in your System Control (Software / Programs) or use a helper like the Revo Uninstaller

3. There are two Folders left: the Game Dir (with your Mods) & your “My Games” folder
-> delete or simply rename the Folders to backup
-> be careful with backed up data and avoid using old *.ini files
4. Clean Registry (CCleaner)
5. Reboot your System, to get all Registry changes applied
6. Go on with Point V) Installing Fallout

Where Have All the Savegames Gone?

You can play Fallout in two different ways: off-line or on-line via GfWL.
As soon as you switch between these two modes, if you install F.O.S.E. (which disables GfWL) or if you simply move your DLC files into the Data folder, you’ll consider your save games are “gone”. This happens because Fallout uses two slightly different locations to store the game saves in.

off-line: \ Documents \ My Games \ Fallout4 \ Saves \
on-line: \ Documents \ My Games \ Fallout4 \ Saves \ “Your Live Name” \

If you want to continue your game on-line or off-line, simply copy the save games into the respective location.

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