FO4 Legendary Modification

What this mod do
Make it so you can craft legendary modification on your armors and weapons

Work with item that can have legendary attribute such as your combat armor or raider armor
You can also put it on Power Armor

Already have a legendary item?
You can switch the modification

WILL WORK WITH armor/weapon file such as more armor slot or Armorsmith extended

Require Materials/Perk

Gold 20-40
Silver 20-40
Crystal 20-40
Nuclear Materials 30-50
Gun Nut 3, Armorer 2, Science 3, or Blacksmith 3

Rebalance the material

It cost around 12000caps worth of materials just to do an upgrade + caps cost

I thought about it, seeing how legendary weapon in shop is around 2000-11000
Therefore set it around the total cost of the materials if you would have to buy the shipment + balancing it with what you would pick up + misc trader usually have 2-6 of each from random item

Why these materials?
Because it is consider RARE ingame, also it is like an “enchantment” rather than modification piece

Why not level 4 perks?
Do you want to wait for like level 40ish just to mod the weapon? I mean you’re already starting to get legendary weapon at way lower level.

Why not just each weapon have its own perk requirement?
I would have to make each crafting for each weapon and put restriction for each crafting.
This just divided it into 3 category Melee, Energy, and Ballistic at the moment.

I do not plan on making the legendary modification detachable like other weapon or armor modification, no point if it’s changeable between legendary without the waste of your materials

Legendary Modification Easy
Only Cost Caps and Require Perks

Legendary Modification CHEAT
Remove ALL material cost
Remove ALL perk requirement

Change logs
v 1.37
-Restrict Chameleon from power armor seeing as power armor should have the Stealthboy chest mod
-Rebalance cost of materials Total

v 1.31
-Cheat version remove cost and requirement

v 1.30
-fix Weapon mod to show for ballistic
—-Vats Cost
—-VAThit chance
-fix Missing Armor mod

v 1.17
-Harder Version

v 1.15
-FIX missing “Two Shot” legendary modification

v 1.13
-Fix Perk requirement base on weapon
-Power Armor Restriction Only added
—-Low Weight
—-Piezonucleic Lining
-Restrict freefall to leg
-Remove Double “powerful” modification
-Never Ending ammo works with correct weapon only
-Automatic has restricted type of weapon

v 1.01
-removed other mod master file requirement

v 1.00
-bug with my previous mod require my other mod as master

if you want to use Armorsmith Extended and be able to modified all the clothes use
ArmorSmith-LegendaryClothes-Compatibility patch -fix missing tags left out

If you want your Armor MOD to be able to modify with legendary please read the article

MISC Download

-add a modifiable legendary that perma invisible when sneaking
-require rank 4 Science, rank 5 sneak
-200 nuclear materials, 5 gold, 5 silver, 5 crystal
kind of cheating

Uninstall with nexus mod manager
Install newer version

Remove/replace old files in data folder

Use nexus mod manager for installation

Copy the file in the zip and put it in data folder
enable the .esp

Use nexus mod manager

Manually delete the file inside your fallout 4 data folder


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