Robot Home Defence

You spend a lot of time wandering into other people’s houses and being shot at by robots. Why not copy them? Robot Home Defence adds a broad range of robots you can add to defend your settlements, from enemies as diverse as Raiders and Mirelurks to sickness and sobriety.

With ranks in Robotics Expert, a Fusion Core and a little elbow-grease you can build:
Protectrons, Mister Gutsies, Assaultrons and Sentry Bots to defend your settlement!
Emergency Services Protectrons and Mister Handies/Miss Nannies that offer lower defence but boost settlement happiness!
Utility Protectrons who can scavenge for parts!
Once you’ve completed the Drinking Buddy quest, Protectron Brewers can supply your settlements with food and water!

RHD is incompatible with any other mods that add new categories to the ‘Defences’ list in the Workbench (i.e. ones other than Guard Posts, Turrets and Traps).

It is compatible with Homemaker, SSEx and Robot Guardians. If you find a mod that it’s incompatible with, and make a patch, I’ll add it to the downloads page. I don’t make compatibility patches for mods I don’t use.

Do robot defences count towards settlement population cap?
No. Go hog wild!

Is this RobCo Certified?
No. That’s not coming out until the GECK.

Can you make Mr Handies act like settlers/robots move between settlements?
No, the UI doesn’t expect constructable things to be orderable/moveable. I’m trying to find a workaround- if you’ve got much experience with Pex Upgrader, message me.

Can you add EyeBots/Synths?
No, Eyebot radios need scripting we can’t do yet, and I’d want to add synths as settlers; see above.

Can I repair robots once they’ve been destroyed?
No, I can’t figure out how to add repairs. Robots offer many benefits over turrets, so consider this a drawback.

That’s a lot of ‘No’s
Believe me, nobody is more dissapointed by the ‘No’s than I am. Just wait for the GECK!


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