Minutemen Expanded Gear – Level List

Minutemen Expanded Gear

This Mod edits the level lists for the random levelled minute-men that you find in the world and are called by the flare gun. I have added a number of new weapons,armour and outfits to the minute-men to increase effectiveness and diversity. All of the Original Weapons and Armour are still present, The changes i have made edit the levels that certain weapons are picked and adds new ones to the lists. Minute men spawn in level intervals, Mostly level 1 and 9 but it does scale higher. For instance my save is level 42 and most minute men that respond to a flare right out side the Castle are level 1 and no higher than 9.

Mod made using Fo4Edit.

Weapons added
Machete : lvl 1+
.44 Magnum : lvl 1+
.10mm Pistol : lvl 1+
.308 Hunting Rifle : lvl 1+
.12ga Hunting Shotgun : lvl 1+
Laser Rifle : lvl 9+
.12ga Combat Shotgun : lvl 9+
.45 Combat Rifle Auto : lvl 9+
.45 Combat Rifle Semi Auto : lvl 9+

Armour added
Leather armour : lvl 1+
Metal armour : lvl 1 +
Combat armour : lvl 9 +

Clothes added
Dirty army fatigues : lvl 1+
Greaser jacket and jeans : lvl 1+
Road Leathers : lvl 1+
Undershirt & Jeans : lvl 1+
Green Shirt and Combat Boots : lvl 1+
Mechanic Jumpsuit : lvl 1+
Military Fatigues : lvl 9+
Colonial Duster(Preston Garvey) : lvl 9+

This level indicator is relative to the NPC and not your save.

Any suggestions are appreciated


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