Sanctuary Heights

Sanctuary Heights

This mod edits the height limit in build mode in Sanctuary Hills to let you build well beyond the five stories you are able to construct now. And as of version 2.0 the build area is extended to encompass the entirety of Sanctuary Island and to a minor extent, even the land beyond.

The original green boundary has been moved out of the way as it no longer applies. I think that can only be adjusted to fit the modified area once the G.E.C.K. is released. I tried, but I’m new. You will have to find your own limits.

Warning #1 The new number for height limit is quite large but you will run into glitches if you build too high. I keep falling through the floor at seemingly random points at extreme heights. I did not test this extensively as I am perfectly satisfied with the 15-story tower I built for myself but you should be fine up to at least three times of that.

Warning #2 Most trees, items and whatnot that this mod brings into the build area CANNOT be scrapped. Those that can be are close to the original boundary. I’m guessing that Sanctuary was planned to be a bit bigger than what it eventually ended up to be. Anyway, it is beyond my skills at this point to fix that, this being my first venture into modding, and all. So, take it for what it is.

Have fun. Build away.

Note #1 Should be compatible with anything, really. It modifies a handful of values that define the dimensions of the building area in Sanctuary so it is only incompatible with mods that do the same.
Note #2 Made with FO4Edit.

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