Beautiful Sanctuary

Full prewar player house , prewar trees , prewar forest etc , This is my Biggest Project for this game.Please Explore 🙂 , make screenshot and appriciete my work.

This also includes the Vault111 exterior zone , and almost to RedRocket zone.


Backup you saves!!
This 2 esp file was edit with Fo4Edit and has some know isue like :
— Any power armor left there will be replaced by base level T-45.
It is better to move your frames out of the Sanctuary temporarily while loading up the mod.
And Don’t ever think to bring any back , i will always reset your armor .
Some say that purchased Frame dont reset.
Even containers placed through the settlement building system are affected.
Hey ! Dont forget to make backup of your Save files!!

Install at your own risk.

This mod also remove all pile junk , anoyng bushes , vines , Scrap trees ,roots trees, dry grass , debriss junk and bring the beautifull Prewar Trees
Also you can build after the Green Line , nothing can stop you ,but you have to activate inside the Green Line

Here are 2 esp files -Beautiful Sanctuary First Load
-Beautiful Sanctuary Second Load

Please load in corect order if you want to working fine.
You must instal both to Working !!!!!


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