Sanctuary 111

For once in my life I’m actually uploading a mod before the game’s obsolete! And I’m even doing it before the mod tools are out this time! This is crazy!

Note: This mod does not come with everything seen in the pictures – it’s a blank slate! I built those things to show the mod’s capabilities. Gotta build the billboard yourself! 😉

This is a pretty simple mod that just expands the buildable area of the Sanctuary settlement to include the Vault 111 hill. You can build there (and in quite a bit of the forest area around the hill as well due to the limitations on how we can make mods right now), but behavior of settlers leaves something to be desired. They can go there, though their pathfinding getting up the hill is a bit off (you can use a bridge or some other structure to block the path they try – and fail – to take, and then they can get up successfully), but they won’t go there of their own accord. They’ll only go up the hill if you use the bell or the siren to get them there. That said, you CAN assign them to things on the hill and the assignment does work – i.e., if you assign them to a crop, it will grow – but you’ll never actually see them up there doing anything with it. You can lock them in by building a fence, but they just kind of stand there not knowing what to do.

But if, like me, all you want is to be able to clean up the mess on the top of the hill and make something nice out of it, this may just be the mod for you.

There are a couple more caveats, though:

The visual border of the buildable area hasn’t been changed, so you have to play it by ear a bit, but there’s plenty of room for the whole hill and the path to get there.
The trees and other structures on the hill seem to count toward the object budget for the settlement? I would not recommend using this mod without also using
There’s a lot of junk on the hill that can’t be scrapped. I’ve included extra optional plugins to remove those things from the area for you if you’d like.
Just in case it’s not obvious… the settlement only extends to the area *outside* the vault. The inside of the vault is not part of the settlement, it’s its own area just like it always was.
Sadly, for whatever reason, you can’t place anything on the vault itself, even on the rim around the door.
Hills are tough to build on 😉 If you try to build a fence, I recommend supplementing with the bridge from the wood structures / miscellaneous category. They’re allowed to clip some, and you can put junk fences on top of them.
I have not tried moving the quick travel welcome mat outside the vanilla bounds for the area. I do not recommend trying it. Who knows what horror will ensue.

I think that’s it. Enjoy!

Made with FO4Edit, for those who care.


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