Sanctuary Fort

This is a save file, so if you don’t feel like starting near the beginning of the game you might as well move on.

I play as the male default character from when you first start the game. I’m about 10 quests into the game (5 active) so the save is fairly new. I added a fence that surrounds most of Sanctuary, a Player House (2 Floors), and there is power throughout Sanctuary. Most of the houses have working lights in
them and each house that is lit has a on/off switch. I made this to suit my liking not everyone’s.

This is my first ever Nexus publishing so don’t be surprised if crap doesn’t work.

*Note: I played the game legit up until the point where I started using the workshop for Sanctuary. I turned on godmode for unlimited resources.
Once I was done I turned off godmode. (Just Incase anyone cares)

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