*update* Fixed Build Mode Inside The House, Switched To The Correct Fake Rain Box To Disable It, Picked A New Interior AMB Sound Instead Of Disabling The Ruined House One. Sorry For That, As Clean As I Try To Make Stuff, Just Can’t Cover It All. Heh… Yay Let’s Play FO4

ScrapScrap – THIS MOD Needed to scrap the junk in the house.

Homemaker – THIS MOD Must have to decorate house. Don’t forget SSEx Patch

SSEx – THIS MOD Must have to decorate house.

INSTALL – Just shove it up your… Sorry, my bad. Should just be a NMM install or drag an drop it into the data folder.

This mod surgically repairs the player house in post war sanctuary to be structurally sound. Namely blocking out the rain an having a reason to do so. Placed references were overridden with custom static meshes using edited meshes from the prewar era, only materials swapped to swap textures for it, an edit 3 non re-placer textures to fill in any alpha holes by adjusting the color curves for the alpha channel, meaning the original artwork was maintained, only rendered as defuse an non transparent, no alpha in other words. Windows will fit into the prewar location for the house, however more wasteland grass will pop thru the floor, hence why Bethesda moved the house back about a foot or so. The windows an house are aligned between the x an y axis making it very difficult if not impossible to adjust via x an y in game, need the GECK I’m guessing, an as cool as it looks I think it would take away some, because the sounds outside might not be muffled as it should, also makes the side door impossible, although it’s a storm door an mostly window in prewar, an it’s some super duper door post war laying on the ground, but don’t get me started. Small faux windows were removed in the front because Material swapping broke them, the star clock was disabled, the ruined house sounds were disabled, but the fake rain box was disabled too, meaning no more rain in there I hope. Which was the whole stupid point of this 50 hour nightmare. Ghost meshes using the original collision for the house were used so it’s identical in build mode, though the poly is contained in the edited prewar meshes using Material Swaps on them to make it the lore version.

Pre-War Version Of The Player House by Bololo11 (use only one) – Sanctuary – Player Home Restored


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