Disable Minuteman Radiant Quests

Have you ever wanted to travel across the Commonwealth and not have Preston breath down your neck about helping every settlement in the game three times a day from the same raider camp that was bothering them an hour ago? Well have I got the mod for you. This just disables the Radiant Minuteman quests so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

But don’t worry, you can still help people without Preston constantly reminding you, so you can still finish the game with the Minutemen if you so choose.

There are two versions of this mod, one that simply disables the quests “Raider Troubles at ______”, “Kidnapping at ______”, “Returning the Favor” (Which you can do manually, as shown in the second video), “______: Greenskins” (Not racist at all), “Clearing the Way For ______”, “Taking Point: ______”, “Ghoul Problem at ______”, “Rouge Courser at ______”, and “Resettle Refugees at ______”. These are all the radiant quests you can be assigned that don’t show up under Misc. Quests, and now you can play the game with the minutemen without ever seeing them.

The second version does the same as the first, but also tries to disable the “Defend ______ location” quests that pop up every now and then under your Misc. Quests section. It tries to, but these quests are a lot more complicated when it comes to disabling, as they don’t work off of a simple single value. I’ve tried disabling them, and I personally haven’t had them show up with testing, but I also have well defended settlements.

And yes, this mod was made with FO4Edit from scratch.

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