No Settlement Attacks

No Settlement Attacks

Tired of THIS happening to you?

NoSettlementAttacks is a small mod that prevents the random settlement defense side quests from happening. Never have your settlements destroyed by that single hiding raider again!

I used a quicksave that triggers a defense quest after about 2 minutes to make sure this mod does as advertised. At this point I don’t believe I can increase the rate of attacks, will need to look into it more. Made with FO4Edit.

Manual Installation:

Copy/move NoSettlementAttacks.esp into your Fallout 4\Data directory
Navigate to and open your plugins.txt file located in %appdata%\local\Fallout4\
Add NoSettlementAttacks.esp to the bottom of the file and save


Initial Release

Quest’s aren’t handled by radiant globals – this version should work properly. Please update and test

Added missing synth infiltration quests


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