Minuteman Painting for ALL Power Armors

FINALLY ! The Minutemen get the treatment they deserve and their logo can now ornate your Power Armor with no model restriction (the Minuteman painting is oddly restricted to the T45 armor in vanilla).

This mod doesn’t replaces anything, it is ESP based and adds its own paintings to the game.

[—-> WORK IN PROGRESS ! <----] All help is very welcome, contact me if you have any suggestion/solution. To-do list :
Blue Version (coming soon !)
Find how to add “Minuteman” to the Armor part name when the painting is applied.
Find how to add the Charisma bonus when all parts are painted.
Listen and answer to suggestions in the comment section.

Changelog :
0.51b : MAJOR BUG RESOLVED >> the game doesn’t crash anymore if you try to “Transfer” anything to a Power Armor painted with this mod (My thanks to xXPadelXx for the early report).


Is this mod compatible with [XXX] ?
This mod is built around a COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT ESP that only adds new Power Armor paintings to the game and doesn’t modify any core feature. It is theoretically 100% compatible with any mod you can throw at it.
Could you please do the same mod for [Faction X] ?
Once I’m done with the blue version of this mod, I plan on working on the other factions. I would like to do the Railroad next. I made the Minutemen first because they are my favorite faction so far. Also, please note that Jamie1992 has already released his Institute line of paintings, which I highly recommend. I will agree with him on our plans to avoid unnecessary competition with similar mods.
Should I download your Minutemen Blue – T45 Power Armor recolor with this mod ?
Although they are not incompatible, I recommend NOT TO. The T45 Power Armor recolor replaces the base game T45 MM painting. If you use it with MMP4AMA, you will end up having gray paintings on the T51, T60 and X01 models, when the T45 will be the only one to be blue.
Be patient and wait for the Blue version, it will be there very soon !
Will I be able to use both the gray AND the blue version ?
YES ! Each version wil have its own dedicated esp, so you will totally be able to use both versions at the same time.
Why is there a Charisma bonus for the gray T45 armor, but not for the other models ?
This is one of my main headaches right now, I’m still trying to figure out how to apply this bonus. Obviously, the T45 gray model is the original model from the game, there was no reason to overwrite it with this mod. If anyone out there knows what sorcery is at work with those armor paintings bonuses, please do not hesitate contacting me. You will of course be fully credited for your help.

Manual Installation:

Open fallout4.ini (Located here: […]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4)
Edit “sResourceDataDirsFinal” as follow :>> sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, MATERIALS\, TEXTURES\
Unzip the “Data” file into your Fallout 4 installation folder (Located here : […]\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\)
Select “Yes” if prompted to merge or overwrite.
Finally enable the esp file (MMP4APA.esp) either via the launcher or with your mod loader/manager.

Credits and Thanks :

A HUGE thank you to Jamie1992 who showed me the way with his Institute Power Armor and helped me understanding how to make Expired6978’s Standalone Power Armor Paint Compiler work.

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