Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
Clean up your settlements without the hassle.


I created this without the use of world space and as such it does not suffer from the related bugs such as Power Armor reset, no sprinting, container restock, or furniture resets.


I was inspired by Scrap Scrap, it was a mod I knew someone would make eventually. Though I was disappointed by the many bugs (not the authors fault mind you). I spent three full days playing with every setting, every flag, every property variable to no avail to fix these bugs. I did however discover something, the worldspace properties are kept in three files – Fallout4.esm, Fallout4.cdx, and Fallout4 – geometry.csg. The latter two contain the records for combined objects in the world space. While current tools can’t edit those two, they can be bypassed with a very simple edit to the Fallout4.ini. See the install instructions below.


This mod allows you to remove the majority of clutter and waste littering your settlements, all of your settlements.

-Grass, Leaves, and Dirt piles
-Garbage piles of all sizes and shapes.
-Rubble from the Castle (some rubble is built into the wall mesh and can’t be removed.)
-Foundations from sanctuary houses
-Some sidewalks and driveways
-Vines, Shrubs, Brambles, Saplings
-Debris and Rubble Piles
-Garden Hoses, Flower Pots, Potting Tables
-Industrial Machines (in Grey Garden)
-The house ruins in Tenpines
-Lots more, over 300 items to the scrapping list


VERY IMPORTANT! You will need to edit your Fallout4.ini for this mod to work simply add the line below to the [General] area at the top of the file.


Should look something similiar to this:
uExterior Cell Buffer=36

This ini line tells the game to use the Fallout4.esm worldspace without merged geometry records and thus allows you to select all static objects in the game world.

Known Issues:
If you have used Scrap Scrap previously on your save and removed the hedges in Sanctuary then you will get weird LOD holes in the horizon when looking in a direction that would have a hedge normally. There is no fix currently other than to revert to a save before you removed the hedges.

Currently you cannot place items or objects in buildmode inside the Castle walls or Covenant Houses. This placement bug only affects these two settlements and I’m looking into a fix.

Final Note:

While everything can now be removed some objects are still expected by the games landscape. Large Buildings and Hedges (like those in Sanctaury) are two examples. I do not have houses or those hedges selectable because of this. If they are removed, weird LOD issues creep up in the horizon when loooking through where those objects would be, or standing in their place makes the world disappear. Be mindful of what you disable or markfordelete now that the worldspace is unlocked. BACKUP YOUR SAVES!


One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Paul

    I tried spring cleaning and it does show in-game and I verified on my computer that it loaded up and it still does work through the mod manager and I don’t know why I tried the repair sanctuary roof mod and it work’s great and the scrap everything mod
    not ether and I wish I could use the spring cleaning mod.


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