Pristine Pre-War Home

This is the pre-war player home in pristine condition.

You may be wondering why the player house should look so perfect while the rest of Sanctuary is 200-years worth of Atomic-devastation trashed? Well, because… Codsworth.

There are 2 versions of this mod, a Min version and a Max version.

In the Min version, Codsworth has faithfully repaired the house to keep it in pristine condition, but hasn’t been doing much yardwork or housework.

The Min version does the least necessary to flip the Sanctuary player home into a pre-war version. If you wish to handle the trash and piles yourself (via Scrap Scrap or another cleanup mod) then choose the Min file.

In the Max version, Codsworth has faithfully kept the place in pristine condition and he has picked up the trash and rubble.

The Max version does what the Min version does and also removes all the trash, piles of leaves, rubble, and vines in the single cell containing the player home.

If you want all that stuff removed (in just this one cell) then choose the Max file.

This mod was designed to do 1 thing and only that one thing: to flip the player house into it’s pre-war version.

The esp for the Min version ONLY removes 1 trash decal in 1 cell and nothing more. There is no chance it will transform all Supermutants into kittens or have other unanticipated effects. Well, almost no chance. The few meshes and textures are all pre-war versions of the walls and items in the pre-war player house.

The esp for the Max version ONLY removes all trash decals, edges, tile rubble, piles of leaves, and vines in the 1 Sanctuary cell containing the player home. The few meshes and textures are the same ones in the Min version.1.0

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