Mostly Female NPC’s

This mod makes most of the randomly generated or ‘Generic’ NPC’s female. So for example, when recruiting new Settlers most (if not all) should be female. Or when going up against some Raiders or Gunners, most should be female. Currently effects Settlers, Farmers, Scavenges, Raiders, Gunners, Minutemen, Brotherhood, etc.

Note: This mod shouldn’t effect any existing NPC’s. So your current Settlers for example, will stay the same. This mod will come into effect when recruiting new Settlers. Same for Raiders, Gunners, etc. Only newly generated NPC’s will be effected.


This mod is still a work in progress! A lot of the generic NPC’s are now female with version 0.1 of this mod, but definitely not all of them! At least not yet… 😉

Please comment if you discover any bugs or compatibility issues!


So far I haven’t run into any issues, this mod should only effect generic NPC’s and not interfere with other unique or otherwise important NPC’s. Keep in mind though, that this mod is sill a WIP and not 100% tested.


As far as comparability goes, this mod will probably conflict with other mods that alter the ‘generic’ NPC’s preferences (in regards to their gender settings, anyway).

Right now this is incompatible with the Better Settlers mod by Thom293.


Recommended to use Nexus Mod Manager for install/uninstall.


This entire mod is made using FO4Edit.


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