Locked Settlement Doors

Tired of spending time decorating your house with mementos of your travels through the Commonwealth, leave to fight and loot, and come back to discover your settlers have scattered your loose items all over the floor. Well, worry no more as you can now build doors that are locked to everyone but you.

What this mod actually does is add doors that aren’t doors preventing NPCs from recognizing them. They will show up in the door menu and require a bit more metal to build.

The current version provides a choice of destroyable doors and indestructible doors. I add the destructible option to allow risk when using them to defend your towns from raiders. They can destroy the door to get in but only if they hit it to blast it open. The destructable option hasn’t been fully tested but it should work. Just removed the damage component for the doors.

This shouldn’t conflict with other mods that add items due to the way I added them but as I only tested it with Settlment Supplies Expanded if you find any conflicts please open a bug report.


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