IP4APA – Institute Paint for ALL Power Armors

Once again, WHY ? Why would a hidden scientific organization customize Power Armors for everyone to see ?
I mean, they’re supposed to be the “Boogeyman” of this game ! It makes no sense…

Alright, the Institute paint for the X01 looks really cool. But why is it restricted to this Power Armor model only ?
So many questions, so much nonsense.

Oh well, at least this mod will make things right for the second point, as it will allow you to cover your Power Armors in polymer with no model restriction !

This mod doesn’t replace anything, it is ESP based and adds its own paints to the game.


> Is this mod compatible with [mod X] ?
>> This mod is built around a COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT ESP that only adds new Power Armor paints to the game and doesn’t modify any core feature. It is theoretically 100% compatible with any mod you can throw at it.

> Did you create your ESP with TESVSnip/FalloutSnip ?
>> No I didn’t. I know about the current controversy surrounding this tool, but I assure you I never used it (I don’t even know how it works anyway). My ESP was created thanks to the amazing Standalone Power Armor Paint Compiler, created and shared by Expired6978. It’s been fine-tuned with FO4Edit.

>> The paint is only available if you have agreed to join the Institute. But to do so, you’ll have to find it first…

> Could you please do the same mod for [Faction X] ?
>> More mods in the same line are coming. If you didn’t know about it, I already released the “Minuteman” and “Railroad” versions of this mod. Check the related mods section !

All help is very welcome, contact me if you have any suggestion/solution.

To-do list :
Find how to add the proper amount of weight when the paint is applied (currently set to 1, should be 0.8).
Find how to add caps to resell value once the part is painted.
Listen and answer to suggestions in the comment section.

Changelog :
Version 0.95b : Initial release.
Version 0.95b : Forgot a tiny thingy on the T45 the right armguard. All fixed now.

Manual Installation:

Open fallout4.ini (Located here: […]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4)
Edit “sResourceDataDirsFinal” as follow :>> sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, MATERIALS\, TEXTURES\
Unzip the “Data” file into your Fallout 4 installation folder (Located here : […]\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\)
Select “Yes” if prompted to merge or overwrite.
Finally enable the esp file (MMP4APA.esp) either via the launcher or with your mod loader/manager.

Credits and Thanks :

> Expired6978 for his amazing Standalone Power Armor Paint Compiler.
>> A HUGE THANK YOU to Jamie1992 who helped me understanding how said compiler worked.
>> Cyden, who by a simple comment actually helped me find a lot of source values. Sometimes a soft push is all you need to make
everything move.
> Every single genius behind FO4Edit. You guys rock !

>>> And of course, thank you to all the people who downloaded this mod, commented and gave advice. Everything you can say is precious to me, and
I’m perfectly open to any suggestion or criticism, so please don’t be shy !


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