Better Headlamps

TLDR; Save yourself some reading, the images say it all 😉

But, for those who really want the words… The pip-boy light and the headlamps in vanilla fallout are borderline useless, only being able to light up something you’re standing right next to. That’s fine if you’re also using the vanilla lighting where it’s never truly dark, but for those of us who like mods like Darker Nights (which by the way is a must have for immersion-lovers), we’re going to need to equip ourselves with lamps which at least kinda listen to physics.

This mod does the following:

– Vastly increases the radius of all player-held lights. (Pip-boy, Mining helmets, Power Armour helmets, etc.)
– Tweaks the brightness falloff over distance to a more realistic level
– Adds shadows to all lights other than the pip-boy (which I tried, but the shadows render really buggy due to the placement of the pip-boy light object)


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