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Welcome to the dawn of a new era in item mods! This is Amazing Items, the craftable, customizable items of power! Choose your amazing abilities, rename your items, mark them as legendary, and equip your companions too! More exclamations!!!!

VERSION 2.0 IS HERE! Introducing: Amazing Weapons!
There have been several changes in this update. Here they are:
Added amazing weapons with a few amazing upgrades, including ammo and projectile override, unlimited ammo capacity and two-shot. More to come!
With the increase of available upgrades, I have drastically reduced the cost of materials for the power cores. Ran out of power cores from version 1.0? Don’t worry, you can make more!
Added the ability to craft fusion cores using 50 fusion cells.
Separated the armor, weapon, and power cores into their own categories in the chemistry station, for more organisation.
Added an experimental fix for the Jet Pack effect. Any feedback on this is appreciated.
New and improved cheat file, which removes the use of power cores altogether! Hells yeah!

Step 1: Create your item in the CHEMISTRY STATION. The primary material for all items is Fusion Core, so I hope you have a lot of extras (or cheat haha).
Step 2: Create Amazing Power Core items in the CHEMISTRY STATION as well. Power cores are the required materials for activating the various upgrades on your items.
Step 3: If you created a piece of armor or clothing, go to the ARMOR WORKBENCH to enable your powers using the Power Cores. If you created a power armor item, go to the POWER ARMOR STATION to enable the upgrades. And of course, if you crafted a weapon, upgrade it at the WEAPONS WORKBENCH.
Step 4: Be Amazing!

NOTE: Not all items have all available upgrades. You’ll also notice they have different material requirements. Some of the items are specifically geared toward companions, and thus do not require all of the possible abilities, while other upgrades are specific to power armor only.

Amazing Items Cheat – You may download this in addition to the main file if you are too much of a nancy to get your own fusion cores. It removes the material requirements the Ring of Amazeballs, and completely removes the use of power cores, so all upgrades are free!

Crafting Workbenches Immersion – You may download this in addition to the main file if you the Crafting Workbenches mod by drdanzel, and would like to craft the armor, clothing, and weapons in their respective workbenches.

There is a limited number of items that you can craft at the moment. Currently there are rings, dog collars, bowler hats, and power armor torsos, and a some weapons. I will add more items as time goes, and you can add your input on what items or upgrades you would like on the next version in the comments section.

Things I’m working on: more items to create, more item descriptions, and more upgrades!

Color Code: Requires Power Core I Requires Power Core II Requires Power Core III Requires Power Core IV Requires Power Core V

Item Description: Lets you select from a number of premade descriptions, which will set the description of your item in the inventory, as well as mark it with a legendary star, so you can keep better track of your amazing items.

Stealth Mod:
Chameleon – Makes you invisible while sneaking
Camouflage – Same as chameleon, except you can still see yourself.

Toggle Mods (ON or OFF):
No Fall Damage – Removes damage from falling
Targeting HUD – Highlights all life forms in RED
Recon Sensors – Tracks all hostile targets that you have seen through any weapon sight
Night Vision – Grants you sight in darkness. Same as the Nightman perk.
Jet pack – Gives you the jetpack ability with no action point cost. (The Power armor versions will add the jetpack visual to the armor).
Cold Fusion – Power Armor Only. Makes your power armor not consume and fusion core energy.

Vats Accuracy: Increases your chance to hit in VATS by X 10% 20% 30% 50%
Movement Speed: Increases your movement speed X 15% 25% 50% 100%
Radiation Regen: Heals X points of radiation damage per second 1 5 10
HP Boost: Increases your maximum health by X 100 250 500
HP Regen: Regenerates X points of health per second 1 5 10 20
AP Boost: Increases you maximum action points by X 100 250 500
AP Regen: Regenerates X action points per second 5 10 20
Armor: Increases your physical, energy, and radiation resistance by X 100 250 500
Carry Weight: Increases your maximum carry weight by X 250 500 1000

Damage: Increases base damage of the weapon by X 10% 25% 50%
Ammo: Replaces the ammo that the weapon uses with X (note that this does not affect the projectile of the weapon)
.38 .308 .44 .45 .50 5mm 10mm

Projectile: Replaces the projectile of the weapon with X (not that this does not affect the type of ammo the weapon uses)
Missile Mini Nuke MIRV Cannonball Plasma Gamma Alien Blaster Railway Spike

Toggle Mods (ON or OFF):
Never Ending – Gives the weapon unlimited ammo capacity. No more reloading!
Two Shot – The weapon shots an additional projectile.

The lifeblood of the amazing items. These are crafted at the CHEMISTRY STATION along with the equipment. They all require 3 materials in varying amounts, these are CRYSTAL, FIBER OPTICS, and of course FUSION CORE. There are 5 varieties of power cores, and they activate increasingly powerful upgrades on your amazing items. Don’t worry about losing them, when you remove an upgrade, you get the power core back. Yay!

Amazing Power Core I – Requires 1 of each material.
Amazing Power Core II – Requires 2 of each material.
Amazing Power Core III – Requires 5 of each material.
Amazing Power Core IV – Requires 10 of each material.
Amazing Power Core V – Requires 20 of each material.


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