Improved .50 Hunting Rifle

Were you like me and got really excited by the ability to convert your Hunting Rifle or Sniper Rifle to .50 and hoped it would become something like the Anti-Materiel Rifle from New Vegas? Saddened to see your giant sniper rifle out-damaged by a revolver? Don’t want an all-encompassing mod that rebalances all the weapons in the game? Then maybe this mod is for you.

Using this mod doesn’t modify the base damage of the Hunting Rifle at all, it just boosts the pitiful damage increase given by the .50 receiver upgrade by roughly 150%. This won’t make your rifle overpowered, Gauss Rifles will still outclass it but it should be more of a competitive addition to your arsenal now. Since the base damage of the Hunting Rifle is untouched you shouldn’t get murdered by regular enemies constantly but if one gets lucky enough to roll a .50 modification on their rifle then they should be a little more dangerous.

This mod doesn’t mess with the bonus granted by the .50 conversion of the pipe bolt-action rifle, it will stay as the crappier version of the real thing.

Made in xEdit so there should be no dramas but let me know in the comments if you have any issues.


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