Wearable Travel Backpack

Please read “Compatibility” & “You Can Still Wear” part of this description

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I was so disturbed when I found no wearable backpacks in FO4. I thought after backpack mods for TES, FO3 & FO4, Bethesda would finally add some to FO4. I wanted to cry. I did actually, tears of disappointment and anger. Building settlements makes sense! Scavenging makes more sense than ever! But backpacks? Naaaah…. You have invisible pockets.

This is a simple mod that adds a wearable backpack to the game, “Travel Backpack”. If anything, it’s crudely made. I’m no professional modder, I could do armor mash-ups in Skyrim, but this is new. And this acts only as a temporary consolation, until an amazing modeler/modder in shining rainbow armor riding a multi-colored unicorn makes completely custom made backpacks *whistles.

I’m saving my joyful tears for that moment. And of course for pizza.

The mesh and texture are taken from a vanilla armor, “Traveling Leather Coat”. I separated the backpack and assign it to a different slot so it can be worn as a backpack. Currently it uses biped slot 51 (wedding ring).



It only needs the “MESHES\” entry, but you if you haven’t added all of those & not using any .ini config tool, you might as well do it.


In Console:
Type in: Help backpack 4
Look For: Travel Backpack
Type in without [ ]: player.additem [Travel Backpack ID]


I have tested it, and so far it doesn’t conflict with mods that assign different gears to different slots so they can be worn together (E.g. Armorsmith Extended)

I noticed that some armors that cover forearms like Colonial Duster, Kellog’s Outfit and Cleanroom Suit conflict with the backpack. My workaround is to use the “No Gloves” armors from Gloves of the Commonwealth. Though the backpack can’t be used with the standalone gloves. With limited biped slots and so many armor parts, you have to choose what to wear for certain circumstances, can’t wear it all bruuuhhh 😀


Underarmor/Clothes (there are still some that conflict)
bandana/surgical mask
left arm piece
right arm piece
left leg piece
right leg piece
chest piece
As long as they don’t use slot 51


When entering a power armor, the backpack will disappear until you get out of the power armor.

I should mention that the straps kinda looks funny when worn with tight clothes like vault suit. But If you wear a chest piece or a thicker clothes like Drifter Outfit with it, it looks better.

I wanted to make a version without the straps, but I still haven’t figured out how to add NiAlphaProperty to FO4 mesh. The structure is new to me and maybe if someone knows how, they can tell me how or make it *hint hint

I also wanted to make a version that uses an independent texture, so people can retexture the backpack without replacing the texture on Traveling Leather Coat’s backpack. But the function in FO4Edit that I usually use in Skyrim (Texture Set) doesn’t produce the same result. And looking at other vanilla armors with several texture variants shows that Bethesda has implemented a new method to add variants. Or maybe I made a mistake. If someone knows how, please do share 🙂

For now, if you want to retexture the backpack, you can edit raider03backpack_d.dds located in Fallout4 – Textures5.ba2 => armor/raider03/raider03backpack_d.dds.
There are also the _n and _s files.

I’ve included them in this mod for your convenience.

I hope you find it useful 🙂

TL;dr: Backpack yeaah

Thanks to Bethesda for providing at least one separate backpack mesh.
Thanks Reddit guy, Jayfabs for testing.


Please don’t upload it anywhere else. You can make changes to it, especially retexture it, but please message me first if you want to release it as your own mod so I can see your work and download it. A credit would be nice.



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