Wearable Shoulder Bag Retextures

Wearable Shoulder Bag Retextures by Azar, v1.0

This is a set of 40 retextures for the wearable shoulder bag. This mod requires the Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag mod.

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1. Install the Wearable Postman Shoulder Bag mod.
2. Download the main file from this mod’s files section.
3. Choose “Download with Manager” to install using Nexus Mod Manager. Activate the mod and choose a design in the installer.
4. Choose “Download Manually” to install manually. Extract the contents of one of the folders in the archive (i.e. leatherBrown) into your “Fallout4/Data/Textures/Clothes/ShoulderBag” folder.
5. Load up the game, equip the bag, and enjoy.


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