Snap’n Build – Greenhouse

What it does?
Currently it ads new category under “Structures” – Greenhouse, to your workshop.
It contain tileset for building your own Greenhouse. All parts are fully snapable!

Current tileset content:
6 diiferent walls
2 doorways – doors snaps in perfectly.
6 roof tiles

Future plans:
1.Add more tiles for larger greenhouses (curently working on it)
2.Add custom foundation and floors.
3.Roof mounted watering pipes. Roof supports.
4.Prebuild greenhouses.
5.Your suggestions.

Know problems:
Because Frontal walls are larger than default workshop floors, it is a bit gard (but possible) to snap in floors.
So instead build floors first and than build Greenhouse on it.
If you have problem with making corner (bugy snaping), snap roof to 1st wall, than second will snap without any problems.

Made with FO4edit. Should work with other mods for workshop. Like Homemaker (testet)
Looks like curently conflicts with SSEx.

Install with NMM, or drag data folder from archive to your Fallout 4 installation folder.


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