S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Wedding Rings

Are you keeping your wedding rings for sentimental value? Not sure what to do with them? With this mod, now each ring grants +1 to every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute, and is worth several thousand caps! Choose to wear one for yourself and give the other to your SPECIAL someone in-game, or trade away one or both for that uber-legendary item! Yes, your followers do benefit from attribute enhancing gear, so you should be generous and share the wealth with them.

This mod made with FOEdit into a single plugin (esp file) and should be safe to use. It provides overrides for two items, and changes their English names to:
0007c70c – Wedding Ring – Mine
0008925c – Wedding Ring – SPECIAL Someone

This mod is fully compatible with NMM. But, if you want to install manually, just extract SPECIALWeddingRings.esp to the data folder and activate it by placing SPECIALWeddingRings.esp at the end of your plugins.txt file.

This mod works with new or existing games.

Have you already sold off your rings and want them back? Then too bad… those are your only memories left of your dead spouse, shame on you! Really though, you can get them back by using the player.additem console command with the item IDs above, so:
player.additem 0007c70c
player.additem 0008925c

Do you think these rings are too powerful? Then don’t use them. +1 to each attribute is not game-breaking. Plus, just like the rest of your armor and clothing, rings are not active while in in power armor. So once you or your special someone climbs into power armor, the bonuses go away. Also, try playing on Survival difficulty, and you’ll need all the advantages you can get to keep from reloading after death all the time.

TODO List:
(1) Localize the new names into multiple languages (translations are welcome, PM me with what you think the best translations are if you care)
(2) Make the effects/bonuses of some gear (like these rings, base clothing, glasses) that work even when in power armor. Now I know you can’t wear your backpack or your combat armor while also wearing power armor, but you should be able to keep the bonuses form your clothing. Afterall, if the power armor’s chestplate doesn’t stop that bullet, maybe, just maybe, that ballistic weave in your military fatigues will.


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