The goal of this preset was to enhance the visuals of Fallout 4 via different postprocessing techniques as well as adding SSGI and better SSAO into the mix. Please be warned that the SSGI version of the mod will drop your frames in half. If you only want a minimal impact on FPS but mostly the same image quality provided by this preset download the non-SSGI version.


• Download the Reshade Framework (1.1.0) and copy the files to your fallout 4 folder ( also rename reshade64.dll to dxgi.dll)
• Place all the files contained in this mod in your fallout4\reshade folder and overwrite the ones from the framework
• Download ENB 0.283, copy all files to fallout 4 folder
• Run the game normally through the launcher and it should load with

Credits to:
• SweetFX by Crosire
• Reshade by Crosire
• Boris Vorontsov

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