Military Fatigues Kit Replacement (WW2 German)

DESCRIPTION: This mod adds three texture overwrites for the, Clean, Dirty, and Ronnies combats (fatigues). I have chosen era specific patterns that I felt worked well with the terrain. As the US was not issuing camouflage as a standard I have chosen from the WWII German pallet. I have also painted the two brightly coloured flight helmets to a darker scheme. Furthermore I have slightly adjusted the Combat Armour pallet and removed the star decal from the chest piece.

-Oak Tree- is an orange and tan combination with some dark browns included. This scheme has both trousers and tunic.

-Pea Pod- is a darker top combined with a set of tan trousers. Similar to the modern Bundeswehr scheme.

-Fallshirmjager- is a tan-ish woodland with tan trousers. The Fallshirmjager where the first humans to jump into combat as Paratroopers in the battle of Crete.

FUTURE PLANS: Once the GECK is released and I sort out the details. I will be expanding on this mod and creating another that will be adding new kit, such as a chest rig system with swappable pouches and extras. I will also be creating helmets similar to METRO 2033’s, as I loved the look and feel of that game and its predecessor.

BUGS: None found so far.

COMPATIBILITY: Any mod that edits, replaces, or changes the: ‘CombatArmor’, ‘Fatigues’, ‘FlightHelmet’, or ‘Ronnie’ texture files will be incompatible. But, if your using NMM installing mine before or after will overwrite as wanted.

INSTALLATION: Please view Gopher’s brilliant tutorial via searching this on youtube: FALLOUT 4: Installing Mods using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) **UPDATED** (Didn’t want to put a direct link just in case). Otherwise a very NMM installation is supplied.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this mod and I look forward to bringing the community more once the GECK is released. Cheers!

2RTR Somnus

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