Jef’s Ballistic Fiber

You got tired of all the vendors raking you over the coals for just a few ballistic fibers to upgrade your gear from the never ending molotovs your enemies seem to have.

During your time in the wasteland you heard about an old facility that used to make military gear before the war and you decide to see if you can scavenge any upgrades there. Bubkiss, the place has been pillaged and no gear left. “Figures.” You think to yourself quietly. On your way out back on the road something catches your eye.

It’s on a scorched bookshelf with a shiny cover that caught your attention. You decide that you’ll take a look, if nothing else it’ll make good toilet paper.
You pull out the manual and blow the dust off it and you chuckle. “Military grade ballistic fiber instruction manual v5.01b” it says. Yahtzee.

This shows you how to melt down and combine items into Ballistic Fiber at a chem station under “Utility”.

3 Fiberglass
2 Ceramic
2 Plastic
1 Adhesive

Creates 3 Ballistic Fiber

Compatibility – This is its own recipe and shouldn’t interfere with any other mod, but as always backup your saves.

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