Insulated Power Conduits

Ever wanted to build sophisticated power lines through your settlement, but switched on all lights on the way inadvertently?
Presenting: Insulated Power Conduits, the new way to wire up your settlement without making a mess of your lighting!

What this will do is add insulated versions of
Power Pylon
Power Pylon – Large
Power Conduit (Floor)
Power Conduit (Wall)
Power Conduit (Ceiling)

The insulated versions will not “radiate” power, i.e. turn on lights, ceiling fans, etc. around them, allowing you to manage your power distribution a little bit more precisely (for example allowing light switches for individual houses).
The new versions are located right next to their regular counterpart in the Workshop > Power > Connectors & Switches.
They have the exact same properties (cost, placement, connectivity) as the regular versions; the only difference is that the insulated versions will not radiate power around them.
There should be no conflicts whatsoever, since the mod will create completely new references.

Install with the Nexus Mod Manager or unpack archive to [Fallout 4 dir]/Data/InsulatedConduits.esp and check it in the launcher.
Uninstall by deleting the ESP or uninstalling with the NMM. Power lines connected to the conduits will remain, but they will end in mid-air, so you will have to re-connect them or store them. As soon as I have the ability, I will write an uninstall script that will swap all instances of insulated conduits for their base versions, but that’s something I will need the GECK for.

Health warning:
This mod was made with FO4Edit and will be updated properly once the GECK is released.


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