Improved and Expanded Everything ENBseries Preset – The Greatest Quality-Immersion Balance Known To Humanity

What’s it for?
This is a preset for ENBseries that makes the game look better. Through the power of Temporal Luminance-Based Sharpening, Special Filmic Tonemapping, Hyper-Immersive Realistic Film Grain, Three-Dimensional Colour Grading, High-Quality S-Curve Contrast Adjustment, Cine-Bloom, and more, this brings you a graphical experience on the cutting edge between reality and dreams. Everything is possible. Nothing is forbidden¹.

Sharper than a 4k texture pack. More graphical fidelity than twenty ReShade presets stacked onto each other. Improved shaders. Improved shading. The look and feel of film. The sharpness of reality. The warmth of being wrapped up tightly on a winter day. All this, and more.

Scientists have long theorized about the existence of alternate realities. Well, you’ve just stepped into one. The hyperbole is real.

How does it work?
It replaces and adds to the game’s shaders using the functionality present in ENBseries.

How do I install it?
0) (Optional) Install Foggy Rooms Defogged.
1) Uninstall (backup first if necessary) any ENBseries or ReShade presets or files currently present in your Fallout 4 directory. While ENBseries and ReShade can work together, this preset is not designed for it, and any such alterations will dilute the essence of Improved and Expanded Everything.
2) Download and install densaleagion’s Neutral Look-Up Tables.
3) Download the 0.288 or latest version of the ENBseries binaries from ENBdev and copy over d3d11.dll to your Fallout4 directory. (If using CyberShadow’s Native Mod Loader, follow the instructions present on its page.)
4) Extract the contents of Improved and Expanded Everything’s archive into your Fallout 4 directory, so that enbseries.ini and the enbseries directory are in the same place as Fallout4.exe.
5) Run the game and experience the incredible, amazing, fantastic graphical fidelity of Improved and Expanded Everything.

Is this compatible with other mods?
Yes. Mostly. Other presets for ENB or ReShade will conflict and may produce unseemly visuals. Texture mods will work, not that you’ll need them.

Are there any bugs?
Maybe. Perfection is an unattainable dream. If you find any, report them under the BUGS section.

¹: Not entirely true – please see file permissions for more info.


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