Immersive Weapon Names

Immersive Weapon Names

Pretty simple mod. Just renames weapons and ammunition to bring them more in line with the previous games of the franchise!

No damage adjustments are incorporated, which means that this mod will be incompatible with any mod that seeks ‘balance’, other ammo, or other damage adjustments. I am happy to work on compatibility patches for such; to demonstrate, this has Better Item Sorting, Caliber Conversion Kit, and Gatling Laser Ammo Swap patches!


The conversions are as follows:

Small Arms
10mm: now Colt N99
44: now Smith & Wesson M29
Submachine gun: now Thompson 1921 .45
Deliverer: now Walther PP .38
Deliverer: now Walther PPK (version 1.2)

Long Arms
Assault Rifle now Birmingham Arms Lewis Mk.X
Combat Rifle: now Stent Security R91
Hunting Rifle: now Remington 700
Hunting Rifle: now Winchester M70 (version 1.2)
Double Barrel Shotgun: now Kozlice 584
Combat Shotgun: now Stoeger SA-12
Minigun: now Rockwell CZ25-5

Ammunition Adjustments
R91 uses 5.56mm instead of .45. No damage adjustment, just no longer firing a pistol round.

Alien Blaster: now just “Blaster”
Laser Pistol/Rifle: now Wattz 1500 Mk.IV
Laser Pistol/Rifle: now AEC9-650 (version 1.1)
Gatling Laser: now Heckler & Koch L30
Plasma Pistol/Rifle: now REPCONN Aerospace “Urban”
Institiute Pistol/Rifle: now CIT Arms “Defender”
Missile Launcher: now Rockwell FRG-76
Fat Man: now General Atomics “Fat Man”
Fat Man: now General Atomics M42 “Fat Man” (version 1.2)
Gauss Rifle: now Rheinmetall M72

Fragmentation Grenade: now M76 Fragmentation Grenade

5mm: now 5mm Springfield
.45: now .45 ACP
.44: now .44 Magnum
5.56: now 5.56x45mm
.308: now 7.62x51mm
.50: now .50 BMG
Shotgun Shell: now 12 Gauge Shell
Plasma Cell: now Wattz Plasma Cell
Fusion Cell: now Wattz Cell
Fusion Cell: now Micro Fusion Cell (version 1.2)
Alien Blaster Round: now Alien Cell
Missile Launcher: now M-76 Missile
Mini Nuke: now General Atomics Mini Nuke



First, download the file you’d like to use.

If using the NMM, then just install it as normal. Select if you want the Alien Blaster and Gauss Rifle changes.

If doing it manually, pick which combo of patches you require (if any), and if you’d like the Alien Blaster & Gauss Rifle changes (-ag.esp), then copy the required .esp files into your Fallout4\Data directory, and make the necessary edits to your Fallout4Prefs.ini and plugins.txt files.


Suggested File Edits (Manual Installers Only)

Fallout4Prefs.ini: Change the line that reads: bEnableFileSelection=0 to bEnableFileSelection=1
plugins.txt: Add the full name of the .esp file to the line; (I recommend after any mods it’s patched for).


Special thanks to Oberfeldfebel for his permission to rework his mod, and obviously credit owed to the various corporations referenced in the franchise! Due to the uncertainty of the pre-war Fallout political scene, I’ve trimmed “NATO” from the 5.56 and 7.62 rounds, and made some other small adjustments.

Fun note: AEC9-650 is “AE Carbine 9” (same as the AER9 from New Vegas), 650 meaning the nm frequency for the laser itself. Just thought you might be interested.

Developed with the experimental FO4Edit


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