FO4 No Negative Affinity

This mod comes in a NMM Installer Package!
It is recommended to install via the Installer Package!

There are currently 4 options when installing this mod:

No Negative Affinity
Removes the Negative Affinity effects from gameplay.

Negative Affinity Is Positive Affinity
Removes the Negative Affinity effects from gameplay,
and makes them Positive effects.

Super Affinity
All Affinity gains are multiplied 10x!
And Negative Affinity is made into Positive Affinity!
(and indifferent Affinity is made into positive as well, shh)

They Want The D
Pretty much an Instant Lovable. All companions should
idolize you no matter the action you do!
(an action must be done with it installed first)

After choosing one of the above 4 mod type options,
you also have the ability to remove the Affinity cooldown time!
There are only 2 options available for that.
Either remove it completely, or leave it stock how the game has it.

v1.2 now out! With this update comes a new 4th mod style option when installing!
(read above for details on the 4th option – pop-up messages added to 4th type as well)

Also added in the update is the option to completely remove the Affinity action cooldown!
You can either keep it how it is in the game normally, or remove it all together.

v1.1 now out! With this update, the pop-up messages you get in
the top left corner of the screen will reflect what the mod does!

Messages are changed for all 3 mod types to reflect what that mod type does! n_n

I encourage users to upload their own screenshots and videos to the mod page!

Install using NMM, or place the esp you want inside Fallout 4’s Data folder.

If you install manually, only choose one of the esp files to install! Do Not install all 4!
If you want to remove the affinity cooldown manually with it, add NoAffinityCooldown.esp!

If there are any issues, let me know.
If you have suggestions, let me know as well.

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