Fallout 4 Leak Revealed Xbox One Control Scheme

BEWARE, Spoilers ahead:

“The game, even tough not so revolutionary, it doesn’t look like in the captures but better, it’s not really a bad game. Joined together the game world looks better than great, and the illumination is one of the best I’ve seen. It is true that it suffered some frame drops but, there is also much more on screen.

DIFFICULTY: Very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard, SURVIVAL. They change damage, resistance of enemies and appearing rate of legendary enemies. Legendary enemies are harder and they have a chance of dropping a legendary item with unique characteristics like better critic chance or that refills AP when doing a critic. For now he has only specified that survival mode “makes healing slower”.

HUD color will be customizable by RGB sliders.
Minigames for unlocking doors and terminals are exactly the same as in Fallout 3.
About the size of the map, is hard to tell a size because it’s quite small on the pip-boy but it doesn’t seem small at all, there is a lot to find on it. Probably Skyrim’s size more or less?
COMBAT: WAY better. It is no COD but the FPS sensations are amazing, you notice every impact, the weapons recess, different characteristics between them etc makes it wonderful. There was a lot of place from Fallout 3 to improve so I was doubtful about what would they do, but you all can be calm about it. Also, enemy AI, without being super evolved or anything, it’s way better. Enemies hide, get cover a lot, they go for you when you have little health or you’re reloading (He’s playing in hard mode). He says VATS it’s completely not essential.

Animations are flawless. People’s faces, even tough there are some similar (particularly raiders) there are a lot, and way different ones from each other.
He didn’t like at all the dialogue system, and in 23 hours he’s played almost no mission he was able to get out of just by dialogue. Although there was some “X person approved” like in Dragon Age/Mass Effect, there is no visible karma system, and that takes a lot of attractive to the diplomatic side of the game. He checked statics and he didn’t see either nothing about reputations like in NV. He thinks it will probably work like in Skyrim and Oblivion.
SETTLEMENTS: A very important pillar on the game. Some will love it, some will hate it. He thinks that, even tough he likes this kind of “microgestion”aspects from RPGS he thinks Fallout’s it’s a little bit harder and deep than he likes. They give sooo many options about it, and missions, and objectives that he think they take out weight from the rest of the game. ABOUT HOW THEY WORK: There are a ton lot of red workshop tables all over the world, some free and other ones occupied. Once you get to them (if the people occupying it are good people you’ll have to do the typical mission to help them etc) you can do all that was seen on the demo, destroy everything, and build. You’ll have to maintain the little, or bunch of humans on it with food, water, energy and beds. When they’re attacked you’ll receive a message and have the option to go help. It is very complete and you can invest a lot of hours making it really cute, have there your base with all your people etc, but he thinks it might be a little bit overexploited.

WEAPONS: More about them, he has only seen like 12-15 base weapons yet, but he says that the weapons mods is crazy. Every weapon can easily have 25-30 different pieces that alter sadistics.

LOADING TIMES: There are a lot of little houses that doesn’t need a loading screen, but big buildings normally do. Loadings between buildings are normally really short, being fast travel loading longer.

POWER ARMORS: Used almost like a vehicle. You get inside, you use it, you get out of it and it stays on that place. It gives them a more OP feel, but it is also way less “comfortable” to use.

NARRATIVE: He says it starts a little bit weak, and it takes a little to get it up and running. In his almost a day of playing has only completed 4 because they’re pretty long and full of things to do. Even tough, he thinks the way the story is going can be very interesting.

Fallout 4 Xbox One default controls:

RB – Bash / Power Attack / [hold] for Grenade
LT – Aim / Block
RT – Attack Back – Toggle POV
Start – Pause
L – Move
L – [click] Sprint
R – Look
R – [click] Sneak
Y – Jump
B – Pipboy
X – Ready / Reload
A – Activate PAD – Favorites PAD + A – Select Favorite

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