Fallout 4: Console PS4 MODS! More that 700 Weapon MODS!

Have you ever image to play Fallout 4 and to have more that 700 weapon? Your answer is NO?
Our answer is – now you can! So yes, Fallout 4 will have more that 700 combination for amazing weapons. You will be able to build your own. More guns more fun!

We found amazing video which will explain how this magic can happen in your life!

Fallout 4 News: Gameplay Reactions from GameStop, Fallout 4 Settlements, PS4 MODS, 700 Plus Weapon Variations; Settlements! Huge Battles on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

0:44 Weapon count and modification amount revealed!
1:38 More info on Settlements
2:11 Minecraft comparisons!
2:31 Modding on PC, Xbox One and PS4
3:03 NO ending and infinite leveling
4:18 Graphics and larger scale battles!
4:53 Check out the HAM Radio broadcast
5:21 Controls and FPS mechanics
6:07 Over 400 hours of content and loading time.

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