Entrance to QASmoke

Ever wanted to enter the developer test cell QASmoke? Don’t want to use console commands? Too lazy to use console commands? Here is your solution! This adds a manhole cover outside Vault 111 that allows access directly to the developer test cell. It contains all the workbenches, every power armor set, and every item in the game. Once inside, there is a ladder to take you back up to the Commonwealth right where you left.


After exiting Vault 111, look for the sideways car and construction vehicle. Between them on the ground is a manhole cover marked ‘tunnels’ which is the area name of QASmoke. Once there, you should see a ladder right in front of you marked ‘Commonwealth’ that will take you back to the same place.

Please let me know of any issues you encounter. I will do my best to try and fix them!


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