Convenient Stores

This mod was made using FO4Edit and NifSkope.

Would you like to design completely custom shops for each of your settlement vendors and not have to use those oversize and somewhat ugly junkwood stands? Then this is the mod for you!

Adds cash registers versions for all levels of shop. Clinics get a medkit instead of a register.
Designed to work with the placeable bartop already included in the workshop.

These will also work with other counters of the same or very similar height, though placement may need to be adjusted manually through the console.
For this I recommend using the Precise Object Moving utility.
Alternatively you can just type the following in console:

Modify current selected objects position
ModPos X yournumber
ModPos Y yournumber
ModPos Z yournumber

Modify current selected objects angle
ModAngle X yournumber
ModAngle Y yournumber
ModAngle Z yournumber

Due to current modding limitations this mod is simply using single customized mesh replacements for the existing stands.
Future versions of this mod will feature customized versions of the registers and/or alternative objects or collections of objects to represent a given vendor.
One example would be a surgical tray and tools for the third level of clinic.
Further future goals of this mod aim to make the vendor placeable on surfaces of all heights without the need for manual adjustment.


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