Controllable Lowered Weapons

Have your weapons lowered or raised whenever you want.

From a post of mine clearing up a thing or two about Fallout 4’s cover system that nobody knows about:

Fallout 4 has a cover system. A lot of people aren’t even aware of this. You can walk up to a corner, face the wall, and it’ll go into cover and your weapon will lower. Then you can right click and you’ll peek around the corner and fire, just like the npcs do.

The thing is, you go into cover no matter what object you face, even the ground or an NPC. I’ve set it so that the lowered weapon stays lower, and you can right click to raise it up. With the right combination of distance and amount of time it takes for the weapon to lower you can make sure this is only done if you absolutely want it to (get real close to something and wait for half a sec or so) or you can make it super easy to happen.

It feels pretty natural IMO, and your weapon will lower in a lot of cases you want it to without having to even think about it (especially with the 2x cover distance I provide).
To lower your weapon, look near enough at an object or NPC to go into cover – or just look down at the ground. Configurable cover distance included – the 2x version is perfect range for lowering the weapon when talking to NPCs.
Aim your weapon and let go to have your weapon raised again (you can just barely tap rightclick)
Done with game settings only.
No bugs (so far after thorough testing). Sometimes when you load, weapons will be invisible, but this is a vanilla Fallout issue – not the mod.
No uninstallation issues
Configurable (FOMod installer) distance and delay for weapon lowering
Easier than pressing a button (with the 2x modded distance, it’s automatic when talking to an npc or interacting with an object) and faster than holding the holster button to put your weapon away

From my gameplay mod, ARBITRATION.

Q: How did you do this?
A: Adjusted a game setting for how long it takes you to raise your weapon after cover. From 0.1 second to 600 seconds. It was an accidental find while I was testing my mod Arbitration. I then changed two other settings (optional) so people can configure how far away it works and how long the delay for lowering is.

Q: How did you get the gun to raise back up?
A: Aiming your gun raises it back up out of the box, I didn’t have to do anything.

Q: Do I need the farther cover distance?
A: The vanilla cover distance is very close – it’s your call – but the 2x distance is about the exact distance at which you can interact with npcs. It also helps to glance down at the ground instead of having to stare at your shoes to get it to work when you aren’t around any NPCs or objects or cover.

Q: So for real this is just a gameplay setting and it won’t conflict with anything and I can uninstall it if I want with no issues?
A: Yes.


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