Carry those Bags

Good day fellow “can’t mod and use mods that earlie in game” users. Ever wondered where the Lone Wanderer puts all his stuff, other then inside Dogmeats rectal? Maybe he ate it and stored it inside his stomach? We never get to know I assume, but no longer you need to figure, as I introduce a Mod that will remove any obscurity on where exactly all the loot disappears to when the player collects it. This Mod introduces 7 variants of bags to improve carry weight. It will also lower carry weight and optionally utilize Crafting Workbenches to craft those bags at the clothing station. You can combine some of the bags for even greater carry weight.

How to install?

See this video to understand how to enable/install Mods!

If you prefer manual install do this:

For plugins:

1. Open the Fallout4Prefs.ini and under the section [Launcher] add “bEnableFileSelection=1”.
2. Copy the file from this download into your Fallout4/Data folder
3. Enable the file in your data section in the FO4 launcher, see here under the section news how its done

For loose files:

1. to have the game read loose files you need to change a line in the Fallout4.ini located here: …\Documents\My Games\Fallout4
2. find this line: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\
3. add this to the line: sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, MUSIC\, SOUND\, INTERFACE\, MESHES\, PROGRAMS\, MATERIALS\,

What exactly does it do?

It introduces 4 types of bagpacks, 2 types of small bags and 1 bandolier. You can freely combine some of those bags, to further increase carry weight. For sure, you can’t combine a bagpack with any other type of bagpack. Additionally the carry weight of the player gets lowered to 100 + 5 per strength (from 200 + 10). Finally the mod has been optionally based on Crafting Workbenches to craft any type of bag on the cloth workbench. Use the optional plugin to craft the bags at the chem lab. See screenshots for visual impression. Here are the values of the diverse bags:

Small Bag:

Carry Weight: 12
Weight: 2
Slot: 51


Carry Weight: 17
Weight: 2
Slot: 51


Carry Weight: 32
Weight: 2
Slot: 50


Carry Weight: 47
Weight: 2
Slot: 50


Carry Weight: 62
Weight: 2
Slot: 50


Carry Weight: 77
Weight: 2
Slot: 50


Carry Weight: 92
Weight: 2
Slot: 50

Will it be improved?

Certainly. There are at least 3 more bandolier types that can be put to use. Maybe I’m also going to find more bags. If you have suggestions let me know, I basically have the hacking skills to forward all your packaging imaginations. Once the CK gets released, realism will be forwarded even more, by applying different weights and speed reduction to the diverse bags. For now, unfortunately this is possible only with a lot of hassle, and for this weekend I had enough. But I promise to bring in new content in future updates.

Why all the hardcore attitude?

You’re seriously asking this in a game like FO4? I don’t want to feel like Cinderella in a castle made of chocolate, I want to suffer from almost dying because everything and anyone tries to kill me, and I can barely keep myself alive. A sufficient way to do this, is by allowing enemys to inflict four times as much damage as you do to them in survival difficulty. However, I count that as cheating. Why would one and the same gun do more damage on me then any other NPC? An effective way, imho, to circumvent such flaws is a combination of modifications I’m using since the days of Morrowind. Restrict loot, bisect player health/actor values and combine it with any form of needs mod. The later can not be achieved yet though. This Mod adds to the whole idea by injecting higher difficulty on how to manage loot, which becomes specially relevant if you’re like me a city builder. You will now need to plan loot rides to collect ressources, and you can’t easily do this while you’re simultaneously do quests, adventure or any other fun stuff. That’s just one additional brick in my idea of turning this action adventure, into a hardcore survival RPG.

Are there any bugs or glitches?

Likely, specially related to graphical glitches. That’s just what happens if you hack meh and texture files instead of making them from scratch. Tools are limited, so are my skills when dealing with meshes. But I’m learning. Please report any bug, but don’t expect to get them all fixed…;)

Is it stable?

Mods created without official tools have a risk to break your game. But at the moment this is true for pretty much all .esp based Mods on the Nexus
for FO4. Once the CK gets released, this Mod will be remade. I would not recommend using any .esp Mods if you are a picky person that does not potentially want to get his game messed up. You’ve been warned, you decide.

Can you do “inject any customization wish here”?

No, the Mod comes as is. Go over here to download TesVEdit, and learn how to customize plugins. Why should I have all the effort and you have all the fun?


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