Advanced Skeleton

A simple mod that changes the third rank of the Adamantium Skeleton perk to also eliminate fall damage.
Enjoy 😉

Made with FO4edit.

1. NMM
2. Manual –
*Download and extract the AdvancedSkeleton.esp into Fallout4\Data folder.
*Find your Local Appdata folder and find the Fallout4 folder. (usually located at c:\users\username\appdata\local\fallout4\)
*Add “AdvancedSkeleton.esp” (without quotation) in the plugins.txt file under the line Fallout4.esm
*Save and set the plugins.txt file read-only.

1. NMM
2. Manual
*Simply remove the esp from the fallout4\data\ folder and revert the plugins.txt edit.


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