Advanced Carbon Combat Armour N7 Craftable

1.1 is the new version, resolved the issue that changed the Diffuse when you swap the armour mods attached to your combat armour (Shadowed, Fibreglass Etc)

To Fix
Should be fixed, Install the 1.1 ESP Patch after installing the main file and replace the old ESP. This will allow you to select the No Decal Option.

Still wandering the wastes in your vault suit and crappy looking drab green combat armour?…Not anymore! this mod is here to remedy that bland crappy looking combat armour and make you look like you just stepped out of the latest Call of Battlefield Hyper Modern Black Ops Advanced Warefare 9.
Ok maybe not quite that advanced but you will look pretty Boss. 🙂
I’ve tried to make this retexture look as lore friendly as I can by giving the armour some wear and tear, scratches and deeper cuts. I know carbon fibre isn’t very lore friendly but it does make a damn good armour texture.

You have 2 versions to choose from, The standard Dark Carbon combat armour which adds the darker metal and carbon plating, or relive your N7 renegade days and blaze the wasteland in the N7 inspired variation, this adds extra painted stripes to the armour and the N7 logo stamped into the back of the chest piece.

The retexture is available for crafting at the workbench, and works on all types of combat armour (light,medium and heavy) Looks best on Heavy.

This is my first mod so if there is any issue’s let me know in the comments but I’m pretty sure its all working fine. If you have any recommendations or ideas then let me know and if you like this mod then Hit that Endorse Button and maybe I’ll do some more retextures. 🙂


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