Recruit 20 followers It can be any npc

Hi everyone this mod works very much like sharing caring companions or extensible follower framework I currently have 20 slots available and i plan to

go to 100 just got to get the work done. I also want to include a menu command system with dismiss all function and and sandbox ai commands so you

can go it alone if you want.

Right now its just the framework it currently has 20 slots and the npc’s in the framework with do everything regular npc’s do other than the custom

quest dialogue you get from npc like preston or cait. Everything works i hope to hear some stories of people adventures with there small army!

Update: I have fixed all the bugs i encountered like followers leaving your party on save load and now everything works!

Make sure to download the update and load a save before using the old version!

I have a short video tutorial uploaded to my page for anyone having trouble!

To let people know the first recruit in a team in the normal companion like a human. The second on in a team is the dogmeat ai so if you hate

dogmeats ai stuff just use the ones like recruit01 or recruit03. The first ones that is.

Also to let people know fast travel totally works!


First you install my mod with a mod installation program like ( Nexus Mod Manager )

Make sure the startquests file is in the main fallout4 folder where fallout4.exe is.

Then run the startquests bat file to start the quest globals.

example ( bat startquests ) without the brackets.

Then you type these commands into the console:

The first command for team 1 is

( setconsolescopequest followers1 )

Then select your npc you want in the console then type:

forcerefintoalias recruit01

setplayerteammate 1

sifh 1

and for the second one you do the same thing but type

( forcerefintoalias recruit02 )

instead of recruit01 you type recruit02

Then next command for team 2 is

( setconsolescopequest followers2 )

and the the same as before but instead of recruit01 and 02

you type this:

( forcerefintoalias recruit03 )


( forcerefintoalias recruit04 )

the next team is

( followers3 )

and then

( recruit05 )


( recruit06 )

the next team is

( followers4 )


( recruit07 )


( recruit08 )

the next team is

( followers5 )


( recruit09 )


( recruit10 )

the next team is

( followers6 )


( recruit11 )


( recruit12 )

the next team is

( followers7 )


( recruit13 )


( recruit14 )

the next team is

( followers8 )


( recruit15 )


( recruit16 )

the next team is

( followers9 )


( recruit17 )


( recruit18 )

the next team is

( followers10 )


( recruit19 )


( recruit20 )

Just use each followers quest with “setconsolescopequest”

and then force the npc in your console screen into a follower slot “recruit01, recruit02, 09 ” etc

To remove a follower type

( setconsolescopequest followers1 ) or followers2 or whatever quest you used to recruit the npc

Then type

( emptyrefalias recruit01 ) or recruit02 or 03 whatever alias you put them in.

If your confused about where you put them type

( sqv followers1 ) or followers2 or whatver you used.

sqv command will list their reference ids in the console for each followers quest you use it on

your followers id will be in the recruit aliases.

This is also great for finding a followers who vanished suddenly since this happened to me with no mods

and just one followers.

the commands to move followers to you are

( prid ) will force the console to use the reference id you choose so

( prid 10001 ) is an example

just use prid and the reference id from the sqv command


( moveto player ) will move the specified npc to you.

This is my mod i would prefer people ask before including it in any of their work.

Have Fun!


Mako Rehaps

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