Shaikujin’s Better warning for settlements being attacked

I keep missing the message that alerts me that one of my settlements is under attack, and have been reduced to constantly checking my Misc Quest logs.
This is a simple quality of life mod because I don’t want to keep checking my Misc Quest logs every 10 mins.

What this mod does:
A) Changes the 2 second message when a settlement is attacked to a standard message box (see screenshot)

B) It turns out that there are several different types of messages for different types of attacks, but the game only displays a generic message. So I added that info to the message.

C) The following messages have been changed:
1) Raider attack type 1 (message will say “*settlement name* is under attack by Raiders!”)
2) Raider attack type 2 (as above, but last part will be “by Raiders!!”, with an extra exclamation mark)
3) Raider attack type 3 (“by Raiders!!!”)
4) Feral Ghoul attack 1 (“by Feral Ghouls!”)
5) Gunner attack type 1 (“by Gunners!”)
6) Gunner attack type 2 (“by Gunners!!”)
7) Mirelurk attack 1 (“by Mirelurks!”)
8) Super Mutant attack 1 (“by Super Mutants!”)
8) Super Mutant attack 2 (“by Super Mutants!!”)
10) Synth Infiltrator attack 1 (“by Synth Infiltrators!”)
11) Synth Infiltrator attack 2 (“by Synth Infiltrators!!”)

D) 1 additional warning message was also changed to a message box –
“*settlement name* is no longer allied to you”.

Done entirely in FO4Edit.
I categorized this mod under Player Settlements. If you are using NMM, it’ll be under the “Unassigned” category as NMM doesn’t have this category yet.

Let me know if you encounter any bugs.
If there are any other type of attacks, those do not have messages. If you encounter this, let me know as well. I’ll see if I can add a message without waiting for the GECK.

Additionally, I have a request – If your settlement is attacked, can you upload a screenshot of the message and also the enemies you face when you reach the settlement being attacked? I’m curious to know what is the difference between the type 1, 2 or 3 attacks.


Installation Instructions
Easiest way is by using Nexus Mod Manager, which automates a lot of things.

1) For ShaikujinSettlementAttacked
Just need to choose 1:
a- Main file is the one with that tells what type of attackers are coming.
b- The optional file with “_NoInfo” will not reveal what types of attackers are coming.

2) For Shaikujin Better Radiant Mission Alerts
You can enable it independently of ShaikujinSettlementAttacked

Version 1
– Initial release

Version 2
– Corrected 2 instances where I missed out a “by” in the message where I added the type of attackers
– Added alternate version as an optional file that does not reveal the type of attackers

Version 2.1
– Released an optional file for the “running out of time” alerts of Radiant Quests.

WIP versions of this mod –
1) Non-spoiler version
– Done. The file is “Esp for ShaikujinSettlementAttacked_NoInfo V2.0”. If the download options are confusing, I will cleanup later.

2) Adding optional files to convert the Radiant messages to message boxes as well
– Specifically, the warning messages that tell you time is running out.

3) Extend the 2 sec alert to 2 mins instead of using message box so that it’s less disruptive in a middle of a firefight
– Putting this on hold until the GECK is released.

After several few hours of testing, simply modifying the display time and changing the combinations within the message doesn’t seem to work. Suspect the function call to display this message is sending a parameter to dictate how long the message it to be displayed. Unfortunately, without the GECK, I haven’t even figured out how to track down the function call yet.

4) Audio alert (testing siren at the moment)
– Putting this on hold until the GECK is released.

After several few hours of testing, the message doesn’t seem to play the sound files I add to it. The fields are probably used for something else or have some requirements that I’d not figured out yet. To be safe, I’d rather not test changing random fields and variables until the GECK is out.

5) Various combos of the above
– Putting this on hold until the GECK is released.

Since neither the extended timer or the sound works, no combos are available.

6) Addition of a timer for the timed quests.
– Putting this on hold until the GECK is released.

Other WIP –
1) Vault-Tec Assisted Acceleration System – Power armor mod for a 100% reliable and at-will on/off trigger of slowing time to VATS level, but without entering VATS. Prototype version already working, but I need time to figure out how to edit the auto-prefix.
2) Flash suppressor for Lasers and Laser Muskette – In testing, hard to get reliable results as silent stealth kills work differently now.

Wish list of future projects (actually hoping some other kind-hearted modders would do it) –
1) Chargeable Laser – Might not be possible under GECK. Right now, it’s probably easier to create a weapon based on the gauss rifle and just change the model of barrels and such to use the ones for lasers
2) Dragon ball style scouter monocle
3) Power Armor Visor that can flip up or down depending on whether player is in a conversation


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