Perk Overhaul

The Perk Overhaul has been made with the idea that a lot people will spend a large amount of time with this game. In my opinion, the vanilla perks are way too powerful and make the player nearly invicible in no time. This mod changes that. It’s not made to make things easier, but more difficult. The effects of the perks are weaker, they have been spread out over multiple upgrades and the level requirements for each upgrade has been made higher. This way you will need to choose your perks very carefully and might even need a certain perk at a time.


Regular – All changes and easy names
No Perk Animations Sound – This version also removes the sound when you hover over the perks
Vanilla Idiot Savant Construction – Has the vanilla idea of Idiot Savant, but polished to be harder (that’s what this mod is about)
Aqua Standalone – Has the changes to the Aquaboy/girl perk as standalone

Perk names made easy

The name of each perk has been changed to a recognizable title. This way you will instantly see if you want/need it. A version with the original perk names will be released soon.

New upgrades

This mod includes 28 more perk upgrades than the vanilla version. Some perks have effects or functions that they don’t have in the vanilla version. Most of them are an extension on the vanilla upgrades (see screenshots).

Aquaboy/girl made more immersive

The Aquaboy/girl perk is pretty powerful and will take away radiation poisoning in water and let you breath underwater. This mod changes that in an upgradable perk of getting more radiation resistance under water and you can hold your breath longer.

Reversed Idiot Savant download the optional file if you don’t want this

The Idiot Savant perk gives you random more XP when you Intelligence is lower. This mod reserves that system and gives you random more XP as your Intelligence gets higher.

Water is more radioactive

The water radiation levels have been doubled (20 RAD instead of 10 RAD for normal water). This means that you have more need for the radiation resitance perks.

No perk animation sound

You can also download a version of this mod where the UI sounds of the perk animations have been removed.


Install with NMM or place the .esp file of your choice in the game’s Data folder. To uninstall simply remove it again.

Maud Kon

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