Larger Settlement Building Area

Download File and Choose which mod you want:

ExpandedSettlements All – Increases Width / Height of Settlements, but does not edit your food/water
ExpandedSettlements Height – Only Increases the Height of Settlements, also does not edit Food/Water
ExpandedSettlements FW Height – Increases Only the Height of Settlements, as well as Food and water can be built anywhere
Expanded Settlements FW All – Increases Width / Height of Settlements, As well as allowing food and water to be built anywhere

If you download the All Versions, there is risks of a power armor reset glitch. Please make sure you back-up saves before using any mods. This is why there is height only versions, as well as Width versions.

:::Work In Progress:::
I have now figured out how to fix the glitches when expanding the widths of the workshop borders, It is a lot of work to effectively fix them, so I won’t have these fixes uploaded immediately, but keep an eye out as I will be uploading soon.

Fixed Power Armor Reset Glitch

Added a new additional mod:
The secondary version will allow you to build Water Pumps, and Food on any surface, so you can build cities way up in the sky, and not have to worry about them climbing down for food and water. It also makes all food +1 rather then .5

Currently Expands:
The Castle
Kingsport Lighthouse
Croup Manor
Finch Farms
Sanctuary Hills
Red Rocket Garage
Starlight Drive-in
Spectacle Island

Expands settlement sizes, so that you can build huge sky scrapers in the air, Currently you can build up to 30 stories high, If you wish for higher I can do that though just make a post and let me know.

For Best Results, Download BlueSins Mod to increase objects you can build, These two mods together will make you able to build glorious cities in the sky!


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