keyNuker – Hidden Keys

keyNuker – Hidden keys (and passwords)!
Keys (and passwords) will no longer be shown in the inventory. No need to worry, they are there, but invisible in the UI. Modular structure allows use of this mod with any other string replacement mods, and/or languages; however, with other languages, you will see the EN names of the keys (before picking them up, or using them, or etc… but you won’t see them in the inventory)

-A MISC tab that is not cluttered with keys
-Compatible with PipWare UI, and any string replacement such as NewDialog

-Simply click Download with Manager button
-Enable/Disable the mod as you like

Notes and Warnings I’ll try to prevent these from happening in the next patch
-If you see a weird tag, don’t rename your items using that tag. Or your renamed item won’t show up in inventory as well!

-Cannot see the changes? Make sure the .esp is enabled. If problem persists, increase the priority of the .esp file; there can be a conflict.
-Problem persists? keyNuker also alters some UI files, especially the one PipboyMenu is needed.

Need Help? / Want to help me?
If you need help, do not hesitate to comment. I will do my best to help you in any way I can. If you want to help me, I am always open to suggestions, criticism, and would appreciate bug reports, and reports for the stuff I may have missed. If you are playing Dying Light, be sure to check my Dying Light mods.

Change Log
-Initial release


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