Fantastic Food Planters

This mod was inspired by Working Food Planters by Dominik Rungelrath, and does essentially the same thing… however it was made entirely from scratch using FO4Edit, rather than xSnip.

For those that wonder why there is a need for the mod to be recreated using xEdit rather than xSnip, there has been a fairly lengthy discussion about the topic over at the bethsoft forums here, where numerous well established modders have stated that .esp files made using xSnip can potentially cause save game corruption. Please note that before anyone accuses me of making accusations, I am not… I repeat… not… saying that the original mod causes save game corruption. Looking through my mod list, there was only this mod and one other that were made using xSnip, and I wanted to create a mod using xEdit basically to learn to use that tool to make mods. So, this is the product.

Please enjoy, endorse if you found it useful and comment with any issues, I’ll try to get around to them in a timely fashion. Happy to take on board feature requests, time and ability permitting.

Future Plans for this mod:
Adding proper icons to the settlement menu. I’m not sure if this is even possible at this stage without the GECK, but if it is, feel free to yell at me and I’ll look into it.


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