Stahl Arms STA-20 10mm Pistol (4k) by SenyaTirall 2

Stahl Arms STA-20 10mm Pistol (4k)

Stahl Arms STA-20 10mm Pistol (4k) by SenyaTirall 4Stahl Arms STA-20 10mm Pistol (4k) by SenyaTirall  3Stahl Arms STA-20 10mm Pistol (4k) by SenyaTirall 2Stahl Arms STA-20 10mm Pistol (4k) by SenyaTirall

***If anyone knows how to get the red channel working on this gun, please let me know. I believe it has something to do with the palette for the gun but I’m not sure, and I know there has to be at least one person out there who can explain why my red “FIRE” label won’t render. Most colors wont, for that matter, that’s why the 10mm rounds are blue. If you have any wisdom to impart please drop me a line or leave a comment. Thank you very very much

-The Stahl Armaments Development Team

***I made a sticky thread for people to vote for the next weapon they’d like me to tackle. Leave your suggestions!

Tomorrow (12/10), a sound will be uploaded to replace the lame stock one. I’ll be adding it to the download package, so stay tuned, please!

Useful for both being more stylish and eliminating ISA scum, the newest addition to the vaunted STA line of weaponry arrives in the Commonwealth in the shape of the STA-20, chambered in 10x25mm. Sporting a combination of brushed metal and ceracoated steel, the weapon’s utilitarian aesthetic is offset by the lush grips that have been provided in two types to suit the needs of the user. Proudly featuring the Stahl Armaments logo, as well as labeling in both English and Helghast, the STA-20 is guaranteed to carve a path through the Commonwealth, a path that starts with you.

At present I have the pistol, the magazine, the standard and comfort grips, and the suppressor finished. I’ll be flushing out the package with the remaining accessories as I have the time, figure by early next week I’ll have them all up. I put a lot of work into redoing the entire pistol with its original shoddy textures, and though it draws heavy inspiration from the Helghast aesthetic, no copyrighted resources were used at any stage of this.

Features of your new handgun:

*A rough and ready finish, designed to remain sparsely elegant while defying the harsh elements of the Wasteland.
*A bullet is shown to be in the chamber. Remember folks; never look down the barrel of your gun. Safety first.
*A carbon fiber magazine with a window allowing you to keep track of the ammunition left. (Note: They actually don’t change)
*A labeled fire selector switch to keep track of your weapon status.
*Elegant engraving and painting of the Stahl Armaments logo, the Helghast Triad, and the various labels on the weapon.
*Redesigned grips featuring several layers of strong, yet supple material for maximum comfort and firmness of grip. They also proudly feature the Helghast Triad, reminding you that the most important things in life are Duty, Obedience, and Loyalty.

And much more to come!

To install manually, drop the file tree into the \Data folder, to install via the NMM, it should do it with zero issue. Let me know if there are, please.

We hope you enjoy your new weapon, and remember:

Violence is its own economy. Be thoughtful and precise in your investment.


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