Reflex Sights for Deliverer 3

Reflex Sights for Deliverer

Reflex Sights for Deliverer 4Reflex Sights for Deliverer 3Reflex Sights for Deliverer 2Reflex Sights for Deliverer

Introducing the things you’ve always wanted but never knew you wanted. This mod adds Reflex Sights in the Weapons Workbench for the Deliverer. I’m open to suggestions for future conversions, but I like to keep it realistic and not fantasy.


Makes the mod standalone.

Fixes all compatibility issues.


Changes the scale of both reflex sights to better match the pistol, this was done using nifskope with the double barrel shotgun reflex sights.
This means the reflex sights will be broken on the Double Barrel Shotgun now, also if you use any texture packs that change the way the double barrel shotgun looks and they inculded changes for the reflex texture you will have a mix-matched looked.

Compatibility Issues
This mod edits the .nif files for the double barrel shotgun reflex sights, you will have compatibility issues with any other mod that does as well.


Adds Reflex Sight (Dot) and Reflex Sight (Circle) to the Weapons Workbench for the “Deliverer”.

Reflex Sights required materials:

Adhesive 1
Glass 1
Nuclear Material 1
Screw 4
Steel 2


1. Copy the contents of the download into Fallout 4 DATA folder.

1. Delete downloaded files from …\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data


Made using the FO4edit tool: FO4edit
Made using the NifSkope tool: Nifskope Download Page


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