Personal Weapon Rebalances

I made a few simplistic esp-type mods with FO4 Edit for personal use, and later decided to upload them because why not. I will continue to make more adjustments to the weapons of Fallout 4 as I see fit. If/when I make more weapon rebalances, they will be uploaded here.

Shotgun Rebalance: Slightly lowers the damage of the Combat Shotgun, and increases the damage of the Double-Barrel in order to make the upgrade path less linear as far as shotguns. It’s now a trade-off. More damage at the cost of ammo capacity, more ammo capacity at the cost of damage.

Hunting Rifle Rebalance:
This file ups the damage of Hunting Rifles making them more useful later in the game, and more formidable when used by an enemy. Definitely a force to be reckoned with now.

Rifles Rebalanced:
This file changes the name of the Combat Rifle to Assault Rifle and very slightly nerfs damage, changes the Combat Rifle’s ammo type to 5.56, and it changes the name of the Assault Rifle to Machine Gun, ups the damage of the Assault Rifle slightly, and finally changes the Assault Rifle’s ammo to 5mm. NEW FEATURE! The new version of Rifles Rebalanced edits level lists so now the Assault Rifle and Combat Rifle now spawn with their new ammo. I highly recommend you update.

Energy Re-Energized:
The Laser Musket, Laser (Pistol, Rifle, Etc.), Gatling Laser, Plasma (Pistol, Rifle, Etc.), and Institute (Pistol, Rifle, Etc.) all receive simple damage boosts. The Alien Blaster receives no damage boost as far as energy damage, but now also deals a bit of physical damage akin to the Plasma weapons. I thought it was fitting seeing as the projectile looks more like a Plasma projectile than a Laser.

Something to bear in mind is that all of these files were made to be used in conjunction with Zzyxzz excellent Better Locational Damage mod while on Survival difficulty. This being the case, although not required for these files to work, I still highly recommend that you use his mod as well as play on either Very Hard or Survival.

Most likely will be incompatible with mods that alter weapon stats. Most mods of this nature change all of the weapons in-game, so this mod will be affected.


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